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Islamic Art , Iranian Art, Middle Est Art

Islamic art is a term used to describe art influenced by not only the Islamic religion but the Islamic culture; but it does not always always pertain to religion. Islamic “high art” is noted for its iconoclasm, avoiding strong symbols that represent any particular reign, state or dynasty. In addition, high Islamic art avoids any one symbol that is representative of the Islamic faith. This rule does not apply to folk arts, and iconic and omnipresent images such as the eye in hand to ward off evil are instantly recognizable. Islamic art is not restricted by any formal doctrine but is reigned in by attitudes often interpreted from the message of the Koran.

Islamic art is noted for its skillful use of metals, ceramic, and textiles. The rapid rise of Islam throughout the Middle East and North Africa along with portions of Asia and even Europe dictate that those creating artwork as a means of celebrating their faith came from a variety of lands and backgrounds. Muslim achievements in architecture and pottery are well known as are the exquisite carpets created in part to cover the floors of Mosques. These carpets, often of Persian origin, can sell for many thousands of dollars and are still widely bought and traded today.

Regions of Islamic Art
North Africa
Arabian Peninsula
Palestine & Jordan



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