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Art & Crafts

A movement that strove to unite artisans of all trades, the Arts and Crafts movement placed a premium on the craftsman’s experience and the materials used to construct the pieces. Primarily an Anglo-Saxon movement that developed during the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th, the work strove to revive the crafts techniques for construction that were on the verge of disappearing with the advent of industrialization. Decorative wallpaper, furniture and well crafted architectural structures were produced by members of the movement, all unique in design but of consistently good quality and close attention to detail.

Alan Crawford of the Oxford Art Dictionary notes that the movement “was not held together by a statement of ideas or by collective goals and had no manifesto; its members simply shared, more or less, certain attitudes.” Artists that prescribed to the Arts and Crafts attitude asserted the importance of wood and metal working even over the high culture pursuits such as painting. They were united against what they saw as soulless machine production and strove to reinvigorate the creative spirit by dedicating themselves to hand making beautiful, sturdy objects used in everyday life.

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