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Asian Art

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Representing a massive continent, the term "Asian Art" describes a vast variety of art forms produced by people of many different cultures. The artwork of Southeast Asia for example is much different than art found in Korea or Japan because of its own unique history and environment, but is often grouped together because of its distinctly non western characteristics. Because of the great geographical and cultural gap between Asia and the west, new and interesting variations on architecture and artwork developed uninterrupted by western influence in any notable way until the Early Modern age.  Generally Asian art is noted for its beautiful use of the script from the various languages as well as their advanced use of paper and their beautiful production of pottery and statues.

Asian art has had a significant impact on the course of western art, specifically the art of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Artists such as Van Gough exhibited a deep fascination with the artwork of the continent, often representing typical Asian motifs. The art of Asia today has captivated collectors. Contemporary Chinese artists, for example, have produced new and innovative works commenting on the Communist regime that have sold for record prices at auction. Many artists of the continent have embraced the earth friendly movement and brought much needed attention to the global environmental crisis.

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