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A dominant artistic style in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, Romanticism is unique in that it was the first self-proclaimed art movement, a move that has influenced groups of artists in the West ever since. The Romantic movement spanned literature, the visual arts and even architecture, placing a high value on individualism, the irrational, and raw emotion.

The visual qualities of Romantic art vary depending on subject and nationality, but is notable for its anti-Classical leanings. Conceived of during a time of Classical revival, Romantic artists are united in their opposition to such preoccupations, deciding instead to explore the depth of human emotion and natural beauty. There is an earthy, all-encompassing mythology to many of the pieces, and many play with the relationship between human and landscape. Due to the high priority they placed on individualism, there is no concurrent theme dominating all of the pictures but a viewer can glimpse a similar mindset and priority.



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