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Fra Angelico (Italian, c.1400-1455)

An interesting figure of the Italian Renaissance, Fra Angelico was a painter and illuminator as well as a Dominican Friar. With humble origins as an obscure illuminator, Angelico rose through the artistic ranks and ended his career with commissions working on St. Peterís and the Vatican Palace. Angelico is seen by art historians as a transitional character, leading the way for a new generation of painters in Florence during a period of the older artistís absences. This new generation was lead by Fra Angelico and included Paolo Uccello, Fra Filippo Lippi and Andrea del Castagno. Stylistically, Angelico is noted for his use of the naturalist style on a large scale. William Hood notes that Angelico was the leading master in Rome during the middle of the 15th century and that had more of his works survived his influence on subsequent artists could be better understood.

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